Grace Poe and Leni Robredo – an expectation gone sour

It was a naïve expectation – as usual for judgments formed based on a scant amount of information spiced by persuasive image-building. An old trick for a quick resolution on who to vote. A trap for the lazy public. Thank you INC.

Grace Poe will run for President in 2016. Leni Robredo would not vie for VP. The Camarines Sur Representative takes a moderate step despite enjoying a name which her late husband helped prop up. The senator wants to take a shot at the top, after a brief stint at being popular while enjoying a name which her late father institutionalized. All the while Poe was stellar. Many liked her, admired her – until INC leaders cajoled its member to make tantrums at EDSA. INC’s brand of hermeneutics, if there is any, is already faulty, how then can we expect its leaders to decently interpret the law – it is expected that they would arrive at a bloody understanding of the doctrine of the Separation of Church and State. Their manner of interpretation is not dialogic, it is muscle flexing. And so it was.

Many politicians got scared at the miniscule muscle at EDSA, and Poe was disappointing in this regard. Mar of all people showed a more “sound” mind. The way INC leaders interpreted the Separation of Church and State is so wrong – call me judgmental – that they made abduction / kidnapping a non-crime. I am Catholic, but if a Bishop commits a crime he should be dealt with lawfully.

What is perfectly astounding is that the interpretation of the law was placed in the hands of the incompetent and those who are supposed interpret the law, who passed the bar exams, seem to have subjected themselves to INC’s “barristers.”

Having an all female tandem leading the country would have been a most refreshing shock. Two intelligent women leading the country is something we don’t have a problem with. But it turned sour. INC does have an influence on our politics. That they can drive cold the spine of some of our influential leaders has been made manifest. This is disappointing. That Poe will team up with Chiz – man, do we lack people in the Philippines.


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