Ang sabi ng kaibigan ko

nung inendorse niya ang isang masarap na pagkain sa akin: “Ito kuya tikman mo, sobrang sarap hihingalin ka.”

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Oligarchs and why they will remain: the Marcos-Duterte Connection

Let us begin with the Marcos regime.

The Philippines did have money. But they were stolen. “Various estimates put the total Marcos loot at between $5 billion to $10 billion, however.” “The reality, they discovered, was that Ferdinand Marcos had amassed a fortune up to 650 times greater. According to a subsequent estimate by the Philippine supreme court, he had accumulated up to $10bn while in office.” – The Guardian

Fast track. Marcos instituted his cronies or “friends” who are still there working in the government or running businesses. When Marcos fell out of power these cronies sought the counsel of lawyer Estelito Mendoza. He defended all of them. Mendoza then represented Marcos, his wife Imelda Marcos, and their family’s alleged close allies. Lucio Tan and Danding Cojuangco, are only two of Marcos’ cronies whom Mendoza defended. Tan, for his part, was acquitted of a P27-billion tax evasion case in 2006. Mendoza, in subsequent years successfully defended many of Marcos’ cronies who are still the most powerful oligarchs in the Philippines. He however, did not remain, a neutral barrister, for during the J. Estrada case, there was a motion to disbar Estelito Mendoza after bank official Clarissa Ocampo testified that businessman Jaime Dichaves signed the bank documents for the transfer of Estrada’s P500-M trust fund rght inside Mendoza’s office.

Arroyo case: A court had issued an arrest warrant for our former Pres. Gloria Arroyo, who was accused of diverting $8.8m (£5.5m) from the state lottery charity fund for personal gain. Janet Napoles, the so-called pork barrel queen, also spoke about the alleged P900-million scam involving the “diversion of the government share in the operation of gas wells in Malampaya, off Palawan, to ghost projects.” In 2012, Arroyo was also accused of 366-million plunder suit together with 9 former government officials.

Napoles Case: Janet Napoles was implicated in the P10-billion pork barrel scam. Among her co-accused are Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada, and Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. “The three senators and Napoles, the alleged brains behind the pork barrel scam, and five other people stockpiled a combined total of P581 million in kickbacks through the diversion of pork barrel funds to bogus foundations from 2004 to 2012.”

Estelito Mendoza was the lawyer of the Marcoses, Marcos’ cronies, Joseph Estrada and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Estelito Mendoza also “defended before the SC the 1973 Constitution that validated Marcos’ absolute reign over the country.” In a way, he made Martial Law possible.

Just recently Duterte made friends with Arroyo, Enrile, Estrada, Revilla and loosened the case against Napoles. They threw “cusses” at De Lima, at the time of her arrest, for the reason that she had a hand in filing plunder cases against them together with Napoles. Duterte is also a close friend of the Marcoses, as is well known.

Billions and billions of pesos – and a few names. Who controls the country? Marcos created the most powerful and efficient crony system in the Philippines. Many of them, supported Duterte. Simply Google who contributed to Duterte’s campaign. Recent actions of Duterte favor these “questionable” officials.

N.B. The research on Marcos wealth was also conducted in the US. Even on US standard the Marcoses possess staggering wealth. In fact among diplomats, it is well known that Third World politicians and government leaders have a lot of investments in Western countries. They are really rich even to Western standards. Where did they get the money? Frankly, from corruption.

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Martial Law NOT a Golden Age



February 25, 2017 · 9:26 am

we will never forget…

If we forget the past, then we are really bound to repeat our previous mistakes. What happened before is happening now.


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February 25, 2017 · 8:56 am

we will never forget


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February 25, 2017 · 8:55 am

EDSA celebration

Time and time again, we have proven to ourselves that even if we gather in the millions, we have never resorted to violence. The spirit of EDSA showed the spirit of the Filipino people. EDSA is by the people. No one owns it. And it will be celebrated so long as Filipinos walk this earth.


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February 25, 2017 · 8:49 am



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February 25, 2017 · 8:48 am

Walk for Life address Bishop Soc

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Walk for Life

Just arrived after joining Walk for Life at Quirino Grandstand. There were a lot of people this morning. Unfortunately the participants were only allowed to march around the block fronting Quirino Grandstand. We did not even march on Roxas Blvd. It was something questionable since, I have joined Fun Runs before along Roxas. Fun Run pwede but Walk for Life hindi?

So many people were there that we have circled the block but the tail-end of the participants have not yet marched out of the field.

Bishop Soc during the gathering said, “Bakit tayo nagtitipon ng madaling araw dito? Kasi ngayon ang oras kung kailan may pinapatay.” I quoted this from memory. I know many things that have been said during the gathering will not come out faithfully out on our media. But threats have been expressed by the government against holding such events. This will not come out officially, but it was clear to us who were there. Threats at this time? Demokrasya pa kaya ito?

The event was already free as of yesterday because attendees were more than expected.


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Napoles is “getting away?”- power of connections

“ASIDE FROM being colleagues in the legal profession, Solicitor General Jose C. Calida and the lawyers of Janet Lim Napoles have one other important thing in common: They are supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte.

In fact, just two weeks after he was sworn in as the country’s chief executive, Duterte appointed one of them, Lanee Cui-David, as a deputy commissioner at the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

In 2003, Cui-David and husband Stephen founded the David, Cui-David, Buenaventura and Ang Offices, the law firm that Napoles hired in 2014 to defend her in her pork-barrel cases at the Sandiganbayan, as well as in her tax evasion cases at the Court of Tax Appeals.

Graduates of the San Beda College of Law, Duterte’s alma mater, the Davids are the chief legal counsels of Napoles and her children Jo Christine and James Christopher, who are also respondents in the Sandiganbayan cases.”

The Benedictines at San Beda must be thinking profoundly by now.



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