Tungkol sa Aldub: “AlDub’s first date registers 12.1 million tweets”


                   from Philstar.com

     Kathy Moran of Philippine Star wrote an article “AlDub’s first date registers 12.1 million tweets.” The day September 21, 2015. I read through the comments, which is really a good pastime, and they border from funny to inspiring:

Winslet Clark  

watching the kalyeserye does not question your intellect or wit. it’s way more than that. you cannot judge the viewers for liking it for it’s real. call it mababaw, but that’s what makes it click. it’s uncomplicated and just good vibes.

i just find most people here as hypocrites and afraid to come into terms with their true emotions. the show has moral values and depict very powerful emotions.

Regarding sa “kababawan,” Mendrez says, 

Ricsel Mendrez  

This is actually not “mababaw”. Considering the fact that people enjoyed and tickled pink by the cast or characters they possess, this means that the show has something worth to be watched for. It’s in the entertainment industry, and that’s how they entertained the general public.

Para naman sa mga macho, 

Aljhon Atienza  

Nalate ang inuman namin ng dahil sa ALDUB. at sa inuman, pulutan pa din ang ALDUB. Nak ng tokwa, Usapang Macho.


100% korek…Hayaan nlng natin sila,,,,pa sulyap sulyap lng yan…Frankly speaking…@ 37of age letsing buhay…..kinilig pa ako ksama mga barako dto sa Dasma….anyway…Nice show….ALDUBS..U made us smile…..Godluck!!!


Sa akin lang, ANG HIRAP TALAGA MAGING LALAKE… Kasi ang hirap magpigil ng kilig lalo na pag may kasama kang babae na nanonood din…

3 Replies

  • Yan-Yan  baka kasi mapagkamalang malambot noh hehe
  • ChoserOngFrOg  Ahaha.. Kaya dinadaan na lang sa tawa kahit na kilig na kilig ka na.
  • Yan-Yan  haha! ok lang yan ang masama kasi dyan eh kung kay alden ka lang kilig na kilig hehe

Ito namang si Adora may na-realize sa buhay,


I’m not used to watched EB nor Showtime. It just happened one saturday when the daughter of our once-a-week laundry-woman mentioned about kasal daw nina yayadub kaya nagmamadali sila. tinanong ko sino ung ikakasal? kapit-bahay natin? sa EB pala un. hahaha
naloka ako! Out of curiousity nanood ako then one of my officemate posted in FB “itigil daw ang kasal” until every saturday Im one of the baduy fans na tumutotok sa kalye-serye.

UU aaminin ko na kinikilig din ako! Normal pala ako kung ganun!

Alan is a mother?


nawawala stress k pg nanuod ng kalyeserye aldub. nakakatuwa din isipin kahit mother k natululog ng tanghali gumigising pag kalseserye na

At meron namang comments trying to transcend “network competition,” for let us say “for the good of us all,”
Lets Get It On  

I wonder why ABSCBN have not reported this milestone. This is a phenomenon of our time, just like Manny Pacquiao. Imagine 12.1 million tweets, plus the people without FB and Twitter. They should set aside business & competition. Kaya ngkkaroon ng bashers dahil dinadaan sa loyalty sa network, which is nonsense.

Comments culled from: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/aldub-first-date-registers-12-000000231.html. Accessed, September 21, 2015.


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