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We are in Crisis

I am both looking at mainstream news and also gathering information from my friends living and working in squatter’s area. Also, I try to get news from friends in the South. In addition, some of my friends have policemen friends.

I don’t have to tell this in details, I am sure you are also gathering information, if not, getting some news. This boils down to one thing – we are on a killing spree. The policemen and the vigilante are. No one is investigating.

One case I heard from a driver that never get into news – many deaths don’t get into news! – one drug-user-suspect, from their neighborhood, was about to be taken by a group of men. The suspect’s wife would not let them arrest her husband¬†without warrant. So she insisted to go with them. She was was young and pretty. The next day both are dead. The wife naked, raped, and slashed in the neck. No report. But the neighborhood knows. No one filed a case.¬†Just dead. All dead. No one speaks.

This is not a war on drugs. We are simply on a killing spree.



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