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We all “feel safe”: outside justice

We do. When Robin Padilla said that Duterte should withhold publicizing the list of actors and actresses involved in drugs, I got a little apprehensive. I want those names too. Actors and actresses influence the public. Good or bad. If de Lima is a public figure, are not actors and actresses? When Karen Bordador and her bf were arrested, I mean, everyone’s excited over the upcoming events – now everyone’s drooling over celebrity names. Big news. For after all big drug pushers my friends include our “artistas.”

But, so far, no names. Because they are more human! They are beautiful! They can speak english! The law protects them. People protect them. They have friends. People give them second chances. People give them second thoughts – “She? She’s from a Catholic school right? Awwww, I hope the accusation’s wrong” – they have sympathizers.

However, bodies of nameless people, poor peddlers under big bosses die. They are scums. “Junkies are not humans.” When they die, we feel safe.

We Filipinos are elitists too. Between the small time peddlers and “artistas who are drug peddlers” or let us just say, people of influence – who get the brunt of the people? The poor. I am not saying the brunt of law. Extra-judicial killing, is outside justice.There is no law here. It is not within law. By definition, when people support extra-judicial killings, people condone lawlessness. And do you know what is at stake? I mean, seriously?

I want drugs to end. Syndicates torn down. I like Gen. “Bato.” But when it comes to policies, I think we should all have a say. We should analyze. Wrong short term plans have catastrophic consequence in the future. Extra-judicial killing is a short term plan. It does not strengthen the law. It strengthens militia men.We are training future syndicates who are willing to kill. We are training a group of 5 to 10 men team who are operating outside the law, willing to kill for money. When Duterte or Bato step down, we have how many different groups of mercenaries outside the law? This is a serious problem in the not so long future. I mean 10 years?

Remember my friends, Mexican drug cartels weren’t born overnight. Iraqi rebel groups weren’t born overnight. Many of them were just groups in the beginning. Willing to kill. They kill one another first, then they build strength. Foreign governments are telling us this! This is based on experience! And we are not listening when they tell us, that we are breeding militiamen! WE ARE making them stronger! We are making “killing” for them so easy.

The means does not justify the end. Well, our means today, will turn back at us if we don’t STOP EXTRA-JUDICIAL KILLING NOW. Please listen. Make our laws stronger. Make it stronger now. But let us not “hire” militiamen or vigilantes or killers to make “us feel safe.”

Here is a BBC article of what is going on “underground.”




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