Near 2017

This year is the most surprising. There a lot of good things that have happened. Peesonally, I have just submitted my lic.-master’s thesis a few days before Christmas. What a tight race it had been.

For some months, I really had to push myself to sit down, read, write, stare at the wall, understand arguments and so on. So basically, half of this year was spent at the study table. It’s worth it!

The rub, however, is the constant bloodshed happening in my country. Honestly, as I was writing my thesis, reading about the history of ideas and that kind’a touched upon the development of societies, civilization and so on… I figured how violent we still are. Did we progress? In terms of how we deal with each other? In terms of how we live out our law? In terms of how we love our country? In terms of how we love our neighbor?

2017? Is it just a change of number?

Still reflecting on Christmas while looking at New Year: I have grown to appreciate the change Christ introduced into the world. He provided us with a yardstick by which we measure human progress. The cycle of the rise and fall of Empires was the measure of progress in ancient times. They were going in circles. Rome against its neighboring empirea. Greeks against Greeks. Asians against Asia Minor etc. Christ put a stop to this. He pushed history forward by showing us that we were just going in circles. He showed real human progress, a progress measured by love.

…2016. We still are going in circles…

I pray 2017, will be different and as a people we’d push forward, with Christ as the head.




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