A Good Look at Filipinos in Spratly’s

Many if not all of them are veterans from Mindanao. They receive relief goods once a month from a Philippine propeller plane.

This soldier lives in old ship, “literally falling apart,” where supplies are hard to come by because a Chinese big, modern, ship intercepts supply lines coming from a yet poor Filipino village from a nearby island.

Interestingly, the ship in which the soldiers live is just on top of a submerged reef. They are poor soldiers, not aggressive, just staying there. And China is blocking their supply line.

Really, China, has an attitude so hard to describe. Bully, is a weak word. And the Philippines? Man, we literally ignored our kababayans in Spratlys.


One of our soldiers stationed in Ayungin shoal.



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3 responses to “A Good Look at Filipinos in Spratly’s

  1. I doubt the government does not have any idea about this.

    • Hi! On the other hand, they know, but generally did not care. Di ba sa video, Vietnam already developed their share of islands sa Spratlys into island resorts, with hotels, swimming pools etc. Tayo halos wala, except for small villages. Then foreign media pa ang nagcover ng ganun sa Spratlys samantalang yung media natin mostly satellite pictures lang na nakuha sa AP or 10 minute news item lang ang Spratlys. Siguro reflective din sya ng general attitude natin.

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