“Vladimir Putin congratulated all Orthodox Christians and all Russians celebrating Christmas today”

The Russian Orthodox celebrates Christmas on January 7. Catholics on the other hand traditionally celebrate Christmas on December 25.

I have been following news about Putin since I read a feature of him several years ago with his gang of Christian bikers: he was depicted as a champion of Christians in Russia. Suspending judgment for several years and actually reading his policies, addresses and interviews I slowly realized that he is really genuine in his faith.

When our leaders are ashamed of their faith for whatever reason, here is a leader who says to the Western world, go back to your Christian roots.

In one of the Valdai conferences he explicitly said that revolution is bad, despite the fact that Western media always associate him with his being a former KGB agent – a supposed hardcore communist who mouths ‘revolution’ all the time. But I don’t find it odd, that someone would renounce ‘revolution’: that which caused pain and poverty to the Russian people. Communism is man made, an ideology, or perhaps a mistake which the Russian people would not want to repeat again. People change. In this case the Russians who produced Lenin and Stalin are more enlightened now than the CPP-NPA who still keeps on harping revolution as a solution to everything.

American movies have always depicted Russia as the natural enemy. It’s time we do our own research. Putin has proven himself well these past years.

And as I look at the Philippine government, our current President and the current stock of Presidentiables – soft. Well, Duterte likes to flash his macho image most of the time bordering to being too talkative. On the other hand, Putin is mysterious, tough, manly, very sound in reasoning and respectful even to the media.

Below is Putin’s Christmas message this year.



“Vladimir Putin attends Christmas mass at the Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin in the village of Turginovo in Tver Region.”

“Vladimir Putin attends Christmas mass at the Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin in the village of Turginovo in Tver Region.”

“The message of greetings reads, in part:

“This holiday brings joy and awakens pure thoughts. It unites us around ideals of goodness, love and mercy. These eternal values have a special significance for Russia, serving for centuries as a spiritual foundation for our society.

It is very important that today the Russian Orthodox Church and other Christian confessions in Russia carry on the traditions of responsible service, helping people to find faith and giving them strength along the way. They take a constructive part in bringing up the younger generation, strengthening the institution of the family, motherhood and childhood. They are doing a lot to maintain harmony in relations between people of different ethnic groups and religions. This great work deserves sincere respect.

I would like to wish happiness, peace and success in their good deeds to all Orthodox Christians and all Russians who celebrate Christmas today.”

The Russian President attended Christmas mass at the Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin in the village of Turginovo in Tver Region together with students of the religious educational centre that was opened at the church.

After Christmas mass, Vladimir Putin visited the educational centre, complete with a gym, swimming pool, crafts room and monastery canteen.”



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