Congrats Gilas!

Manny Pangilinan tweeted “Gggrrrr.” The now famous complain of Pangilinan gets around the twitter world and in today’s sports columns: “Our Gilas electric bus delayed. Failed to charge daw. Gilas arrival at stadium delayed. Less time for warm-up.” Consider too that Gilas’ game the day before was delayed, a ridiculous late night basketball game, and they have to play against China the next day. Tactics you can get away with easily, technically.

Manny and his staff, as has been told, went to a Catholic Church to pray but were received by unfriendly Chinese. You know how religious “freedom” is in China.

By tweets we also know bottled-waters were thrown at Filipinos by Chinese mob during the game. Mob meaning, that they weren’t really basketball fans but paid spectators to cheer and jeer, according to word of mouth overseas. Well, that is reliable enough considering those who tweeted actually suffered from the unwelcoming crowd. So it was a hostile mob surrounding our Filipino supporters.

What the Gilas team and their supporters in Changsa (in China’s Hunan province,) experienced were, let us just say, valorous. The Chinese are good players – among other things that they are notoriously good at. We give them the credit. But still Gilas showed the Filipino heart. If it’s a fight, we fight.

Of course, thanks Tab Baldwin, you did great.


Abac Corder, “They Played and lost Fighting,” The Philippine Star, October 5, 2015, 23.


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