12.1 Million Tweets for Aldub

Hong Kong’s population is around 7 million. The tweets registered for the Aldub segment this Saturday was 12.1 million. By the number you get they idea that one can create an Aldubnation.

Kung kikikilan mo isa-isa ng tig-pipiso yung nag-tweet milyonaryo ka na ngayon. Yun yung una kong naisip.

Million twees – what does it say? Filipinos are tech savvy and they can really be updated with what happens, in whatever way they happen – if they choose to. I just hope they equal their awareness-dosage of Aldub with the China’s bullying antics near the Philippine Sea, the Migrant Crisis in Europe, the destruction of Syria, Iraq and the general climate of the Middle East political crises, and who to vote this coming elections and why we have very limited candidates to choose from for the presidential election – which is a bummer.



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2 responses to “12.1 Million Tweets for Aldub

  1. Larry

    Hi. i do agree with that million tweets seems to be good venue for global awareness scheme. To think, netizens are more informed than civil ones. Maybe for us, Pinoys, since we are bombarded by that same global issues we cant deny the fact that we need some escape. Through Kalyeserye, we find it there. But as i have join the bandwagon i’ve learn more than shouting and tweeting instead of expressing my concern for our motherland i find hope. How? The netizen uses good vibes and spreading positivity, we find avenues to talk not only bout the loveteam but more importantly moral values. Jejemon ways or not, we see the good in the bad and being smart enough to pick up the good judgment being thrown by the media. Anyways, Good day to you dear!

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