“World Without Strangers”


Cheung Chau street on ordinary days.

           You buy Giordano clothes in Hong Kong, a usual stuff for pasalubong, in addition to “I heart HK” shirts. Giordano made popular the statement “A World Without Strangers” lately which probably what I would be wearing to make several new chums out of strangers. Big hopes for a shirt. The slogan came out strong as a reminder that I am both a tourist and a fellow participant in HK’s life. The Filipinas working there as domestic helps know exactly what that means.

When you cease to be an observer, you cease to be a tourist. I think this begins to sink in when you already situate yourself within a certain social stratum. Your mind and ways adapt to the society you happen to be in.


Cheung Chau village during last June’s festival.

Culture has an alienating factor. You don’t feel a stranger to a strange land, say being in a desert or on top of Mount Arayat for the first time. What gives you that unmistakable feeling of alienation is the strangeness of the people: their ways, language, rituals, food, skin color, the way they talk to a child and so on. But that is just the other side of a boat (a coin is so two sided, you see). We must not forget too that we receive the feeling of being at home in culture. Culture is a principle of alienation and at the same time that also “by” which we feel at home.


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