Freedom of the Press, Philippines

This is a country that is so free, one Pakistani friend commented. But it seems, he added, you don’t know how to use your freedom. As a Catholic in his country he knew what limiting “freedom” means. He was not speaking only of human movements, but also agriculturally. In his country he says, one cannot just plant crops anywhere. Unlike here in the Philippines, you can grow mango tree side by side with corn or rice. That stopped me. It’s common for us to see fruit trees growing along Quezon Ave., islands and just about anywhere in our neighborhood. So. Why do we feel so pressed when it comes to freedom? Why are most of our countrymen hungry? And how come rice price is so unstable and by logic skyscraper expensive?

I know we can blame the way we do education. We can blame the government. We can blame the (dramatically) ourselves, yes yes. We can blame our current economic system. We can blame – and we are, so foolishly blaming, another variant of victimization-logic afflicting our minds – the Spaniards!, frailocracy and whatever. We can blame the media as part of our educational system. Yes, media educates, the Japanese knew that after world war II. Et cetera.

Let us here examine media and those behind it clamoring for more freedom. I mean, aren’t anyone telling them they are so free? Pero nakukulangan pa din ako. I don’t who else out there are nakukulangan. So I call on the media guys out there. You see, I have several questions, that might probably turn out to be very relevant news for our struggling country to know about. Here is my list where you could put your energies into:

1. I want to know more about rice. Its production. The lives of the farmers covering since the Spanish period. The market. The cartels. Is there any kind of corruption behind it? Then who are involved. I want names. We want names. Any scandals? Even if it spans thirty years or more.

2. How come the Panatag shoal turned into functional airstrips? What were the decisions / indecisions that our politicians made that led to it? Again, in person, who are these people, what policies have they enacted, what orders were given and so on. Military, politicians, stories of ordinary citizens feeling the wrath of Chinese poachers and others. A comprehensive description of what transpired.

3. A comprehensive study, on how, since we adopted Democracy as a form of government, it turns out to be. What is Democracy for Filipinos.

4. Is there any news black out of any sort? Can anyone investigate on this?

5. Child pornography. Human trafficking. Who are the syndicates operating in the Philippines? We want names. I want names. They are destroying our future.

I have roughly-formulated suggestions. I know. But there is so much to investigate. I encourage you, my dear friends, to create your own lists.

There are so many stories untold. Personally I am sick and tired of Kardashian. P-noy love stories. The lgbt and so on. If mainstream magazines and newspapers can run special issues on the lives of the rich and famous, can they not also run special issues on more relevant issues that matter for the Filipinos?

If we are fed with good, quality information. We can decide better.


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