I am not Charlie

Charlie Hebdo has just brought terrorism into the heart of France. Charlie Hebdo’s abstract ideals led to the death of innocent lives at Porte de Vincennes. “Free Speech,” is in itself non-purposive. The massacre in France, will never be remembered as an affront to “free speech.” It will be remembered for what it really is: that the freedom to speak was not used to build bridges, that freedom to speak was not used to respect the lives and identity of others – especially the voiceless in the Middle East, that freedom to speak mocked the faith of a suffering people, that freedom to speak is currently endangering the lives of people in Europe, Nigeria, US, and God knows where. The brand of free speech espoused by Charlie Hebdo was not at all compassionate. No.

The “Pen is Mightier than the Sword,” no longer holds now in France and Europe. This time the “pen” worked with the sword. It invited the Sword to France.

Speaking is purposive. What is your motive?


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