New Year’s Eve Spent

That’s our homegrown band and some growling guys singing their yelling version of Teeth’s Prinsesa. Better than firecrackers. Seriously, they are good singers.


So we had a band. Homegrown. Raw. Noisy. Fit for New Year :-).

We had a theme for the evening like Hip Hop something. I rooted for the formal old school attire. I was grunge in high school and I realized that as you grow older you learn to wear clean clothes. So that’s me on the left, in that stiff band pose.

Group HipHop

The rest in their playful get-up. Hey, I am the formal guy.

Bottles of wine were served and I had a surprising find. There is such a thing as Imelda Marcos wine? Or perhaps it was just packed that way for the season. For whatever reason it found its way on our table. It was just one bottle but ah —— anyway saka na lang. I did not drink from that bottle, for, mmmm, the mother land?

Imelda Wine

An Imelda Marcos wine.


Groupfie? A very rare occasion where I take hold of the selfie stick.

But there was one bottle of wine that I surely delighted in. A wine from Israel. I’ve heard of it before but never quite found one sold in supermarkets. So that bottle, a lone one, naligaw lang din, made my New Year. Why did not I bother ask where I could buy one? Not an expert on wine but the taste was to my liking.

Well, this is a short piece of how we spent our New Year. Good company. Nice wine, balut and fish crackers. What, wine and balut!? Pinoy lang.

God bless you all for this year.

Jewish Wine

Jewish wine! At last.


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