More than two weeks ago an article in Philippine Star by Alex Magno (October 21, 2014), assessed Samar and Leyte rehabilitation with foreboding,

                In two weeks, it shall be a year since the great storm hit Samar and Leyte. To date, no master plan (let alone a budget) for rehabilitation has been signed. Without a master plan, all efforts for the physical rehabilitation of the devastated areas will be delayed.

He commented that even Pope Francis’ visit would not jolt them up. Further,

                Instead of taking a hands-on attitude towards helping a heavily devastated region, Aquino (and Roxas) always seemed aloof to the plight of the Yolanda victims. They did not visit intermittently to check on the progress of the rehabilitation. They never bothered to see if anything could be done faster to diminish the misery.

Much said. How do we understand this? Definitely, we are always into blame game – I am into it too. It is understandable to be helpless while Yolanda was ravaging the Visayas. But it is just mind-blowing to still seem helpless after. No, not when you are speaking of the most powerful institution in the country – our government. For officials to indulge in blaming others is a sign of weakness – or at least don’t over-display.


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