2014 Traffic Scheme for UNDAS, Loyola Marikina – Galing!

Every year I find Marikina’s government always making different traffic schemes at the Loyola Memorial Park for All Saints and All Soul’s days. But this last UNDAS was outstanding. Since 2009 we have been travelling from Manila to Marikina to visit Papa’s grave. After Katipunan, expect to get stalled due to heavy traffic down Marikina’s flyover. My sisters and I literally braced ourselves for that part since we have to add that time up to the taxi’s meter. Also, bringing our old car over to Marikina is almost twice as expensive and medyo hassle when it comes to parking. Mama did not come along with us on November 1 expecting thick crowds and traffic jams, so we commuted. To the contrary, it was with delight that we welcomed the most unexpected – no traffic jam! What the Marikina traffic enforcers did was channel the traffic into a single direction going to Marikina.

Having the road entirely for that, you won’t see any counter-flow, which of course raises the question, “How do you get out of Marikina?” The next day I asked a taxi driver about my concern. He said, half-thankful and half-complaining, that you have to take a long detour winding inside Marikina’s unfamiliar streets and exit somewhere near SM Marikina. Two-sides of the coin. But the traffic doesn’t make it worth a rant, it was a breeze. Good job.


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