Prayer for Our Family in Iraq

Their fears are beyond our fears. The ghastly violence, in scope and depth, are for us Filipinos way beyond our national experiences, to even try to articulate their pains for them.

Muslims, Christians, Jews, we are sons and daughters of Abraham to whom God revealed Himself, in the ancient city of Ur in Mesopotamia (now Iraq), peace is possible among us. In solidarity with those who lost their homes, under threat of death and torture, or those currently suffering, we pray for them. We pray not only for those being persecuted but also their persecutors, that they may have a change of heart, to be merciful as God is merciful, to be compassionate as God is compassionate.

I will share with you a prayer made weeks after the violence erupted in Iraq, a prayer prepared by Catholic religious for Iraq, we pray with them till peace is attained.

Prayer for Our Family in Iraq

Gracious God, we place before You
Our sisters and brothers in Iraq.
They are numbed and almost immobilized
By the horrendous violence
They have experienced
Over the past weeks.

We can hardly imagine
The intense sadness and grief,
The confusion and anger
That dominate their thoughts and prayers.
We know that it is you who can turn
Minds to thoughts of peace.
Your Spirit can change hearts.
Even enemies begin to speak to one another
And nations seek the way of peace together.

You Spirit is at work
When understanding puts an end to strife,
When hatred is quenched by mercy,
And when vengeance gives way to forgiveness.
For this we never cease to thank you
For your presence and action in our world.

We simply place our family in Iraq
In your tender loving care.
We pray this in the name of our brother Jesus. Amen.

(Dominican Iraq Coordinating Committee)


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