Back in Manila, and the ‘hipon’ issue

Man, two months without an entry.

This marks an equivalent stay in Mindanao, particularly Davao. It was my longest stay there; and I definitely sympathize with Ramon Bautista for having mistaken that Luzon is a generic-cultural-template for the whole of Philippines. We tend to think and act that way. Davaoenos don’t exactly think like us, in the same way that Warays, Cebuanos, Illonggos,  etc., foster differing world-views.

Davao is a different world, with its unique history. It rose from a violent past. Murder and sporadic killings were prevalent in the 80’s to 90’s – and until now, with a twist of course. In the absence of peace, the citizens themselves banded together to stop the violence at their own risk. Their vigilance gave birth to what we know as Davao today. Peace came with a price, that no matter how many criticisms Duterte receives for his “brand of leadership” in Davao, it all boils down to this – people will pay any price for peace.

Davao is a highly vigilant society. They sacrificed a lot to build their city. I may be too assuming, but Davao – Mindanao in general – earned my respect in my brief stay there.

While eating isaw along the streets of Davao, I told my friend, Mindanao is really far from our consciousness. I think it goes true to most of us who’ve spent our lives close to the seat-of-power in Manila.

No, no, no, we don’t call our women ‘hipon’ not when they’ve sacrificed a lot for our country – man.


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