Christmas Greetings from 1938 and 1939 by Manuel L. Quezon

I know Christmas is still a few months away from now but I think no one is too early to muse over the inevitable. I have been reflecting a lot over our lot as a people here in Mindanao and I could not help but look back to what our Fathers have set for us. I am reposting President Quezon’s Christmas greetings here, very short but warm. His handwritten Christmas message on December 3, 1938 (war was brewing in Europe) I would try to transcribe. More or less it goes: “I send my Christmas greetings to all the people of the Philippines and particularly to the less fortunate families – those who do not have means to….(please help me transcribe this part)……..My thoughts on Christmas will be of them and how to improve their lot so that in years to come they may celebrate Christmas not in want but in abundance. God bless us all.” (Signed: Manuel Quezon).  

As a new generation and half a century after the war, how close have we become to dreaming our ancestor’s dreams? Our forefathers paved the way and sacrificed their lives – not without controversies – but I believe they did their best and dreamed and wished that our poorest may no longer want but live in abundance. Do we not betray their vision, are we not astray now when certain Filipino families live in extreme abundance leaving many of our people behind in extreme poverty. Hindi naman tayo nagkukulang sa yaman. Baka nawawala lamang tayo sa landas, dahil ang sukatan ng tunay na pag-unlad ay kung hindi malaki ang agwat ng mayaman sa mahirap. Balikan natin ang sinasabi ng ating mga ninununo – sama sama dapat tayo sa pag-unlad. Huwag tayo mag-iwanan.



Published in the Philippines Freepress. Image from Philippines Free Press WordPress blog page.


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