The world has gone smaller – at least on map

Malaysian airlines story has been conclusively “ended.” At least the speculation part has been limited to one. However, pieces are yet to be put together to make sense. The event is an unprecedented tragedy with an unprecedented massive search and rescue operation on a “remote part’ of the world. All the while we had the impression that the world is small, at least through the eyes of recent telecommunications technology. What on other hand the search for MH 370 seems to tell us is it’s still a vast world we are living in. That there are still remote places on earth we never dare to live in.  

 “Najib said Inmarsat did further calculations “using a type of analysis never before used in an investigation of this sort,” and had concluded that the plane’s last position was “in the middle of the Indian Ocean, west of Perth.”  (TODD PITMAN and EILEEN NG | Associated Press)  

Yesterday we were changing channels between UFC’s mixed martial arts, CNN, BBC, Bloomberg and some local channels.  Regarding the former, the Brazilian fighter kept charging without much cover until the US fighter simply waited for his jaw. Down he goes. It was fast enough to go back to the news.  

Switching channels brought us to the Hague, Netherlands where President Obama and other world leaders meet for nuclear security. A CNN caption runs across the television U.S., other powers kick Russia out of G8. Crisis at Crimea dominated their talk. China’s there too.

Then the news shifts back here in Asia. It has been a tragic 18 days since the disappearance of the airline. But, at this stage when they are piecing together the puzzle would peace follow, will Russia or China simmer down? Whatever the steps they decide on in Europe will definitely affect us here in Asia. As it has always been.           


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