from a tender angle


First Drawing

This is the first drawing, a copy of Giovanni Balestra’s Holy Family sans St. Joseph, which I did not give as  gift because of its many ‘flaws’. When I took its picture to effect a top view shot I found it an interesting angle. You will have in mind St. John of the Cross – yeah, he was not just a poet, he sketched too. From one of his visions, he sketched a Christ crucified which attracted comments because he drew it as if looking at Christ from above. It was not conventional for it gives the impression that you’re looking down on God. The surrealist painter, Salvador Dali, was inspired by this sketch of St. John. After reflecting over it he too had a vision and drew his own version of Christ. Some call the painting Salvador Dali: Christ of St. John of the Cross. I grabbed these photos for you:


Salvador Dali: Christ of St. John of the Cross

St. John of the Cross’ sketch (from stjohnofcrosshttpwww-godspell-org-ukwordpressp137.jpg)

St. John’s foreshortening of the body of Christ indicates skill in drawing.

After a long detour, all I wanted to point out is that St. John’s sketch came to mind while taking the picture of the sketch of Mary and the Baby Jesus. The angle by which I shot the sketch drew out something tender in the drawing, is all I wanted to say and share. Greetings.



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