Thank you! Thank you! June Keithley – Castro


Her name, together with Cardinal Sin and Cory Aquino was part of my formative years. I did not know who she was exactly during the late 1980’s until 1990’s but whenever her name was mentioned on TV mama would always rush toward the television. It was then that I felt that June was someone important and close to mama’s heart, later did I know that she was someone dear to many Filipinos who lived during the Martial Law era and witnessed the EDSA revolution. My memory of Miss June Kiethley was that she was a very prayerful woman. Someone many Filipinos trust. Someone who sincerely cared for her people. The way our parents value her speaks a lot about who June Kiethley is. May you rest in peace Ma’am June.

Image from the book,’People Power: An Eyewitness History’ (


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