Still feeling my way

Kung ano man ang dahilan kung bakit nag-sign-up sa wordpress at magsimulang mag-blog ay wala akong tuwirang kasagutan. Siguro it’s about expression (hehe kung ano man yun).

Why SampalocManila? Wow, feeling sikat, sigue kunyari maraming nagtanong at na-curious kung bakit SampalocManila ang title ng page. After reading Cervantes, Dostoevsky, Marquez, Berger, etc., sabi ko bakit hindi ko kilalanin sila Nick Joaquin, Sionil Jose at iba pa. Reading Joaquin made me appreciate rootedness. Mahalin mo ang lugar mo; kung asan ka. Then I realized all these writers were talking about their places, their culture, their people. For example Joaquin loved to take long walks in Manila, and one of those is Paco, and he wrote about them. Well, yun, I think we have to go against the current mentality of “I’d rather be someplace else than here.” At this time I’m also reflecting on values, what do we treasure anyway? I value for example Filipino gentleness and the brand of katarayan Filipinas display. I love to hear kids say ‘po’ and ‘opo’ when speaking to older people or when paying jeepney fare: “Bayad po quiapo lang.’ I mean these things.

As of now, I am still on the ‘customization’ stage so just hang-on. Looking forward to share ideas, values, interests with all of you… Ingatsss.


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